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Magnificent Alagalla

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Alagalla is situated right at the provincial boundaries of Central and Sambaragamuwa Provinces. In fact Kegalle and Kandy ditrict boundary goes very close to
 the peak of Alagalla. Anyone who travels to Kandy from Colombo by train will surely recognize this imposing mountain on to your left as you pass Ihala Kotte railway station.

The peak of the mountain is about 1100m above sea level and the total climb from Ihala Kotte is about 800m. This particular mountain stands tall among relatively 
smaller mountains in the vicinity, as it is postioned just outside the central highlands. The result is some breathtaking scenery at the top and along the path up the mountain! 

This particular hike is not too long, and can be easily completed in a day. As such, you’ll only require a bare minimum of supplies.
It’s better if you can carry a stock of water & food. Wind conditions on the top could be a little challange, And better to avoid rainy days.

**Leech protection needed.
There's a footpath which lead to Poththepitiya, a small town on the other side of the mountain. Once you reach it, ask around on how to reach the top. After getting past the village, you will find some tea plantations. The road will soon be winding around the mountain. There will be many great views.

Head up the trail and depending on the weather, you might go through a stretch full of leeches. Whether or not these leeches will get to you is directly tied to your hardcoreness-quotient, we’ve found.

As you head higher, the trail will become steeper. And also harder to get through, thanks to it being slowly taken over by thorny bushes on both sides. After about an hour of pushing through all this, you end up near the top.
 You can see the top, and all that surrounds you is savannah-like grass. Except of course, that is not really the top.

   Allagalla is a peculiar thing. Once you get to the “top” of the hill, there is yet another rock to climb. There is a massive pile of boulders that just sits there and mocks you till you claw your way up the thing.

The view from the top is, in one word: spectacularly amazingly awesomeness condensed into a single view from the top of a big rock.
It was that good.


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