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Bathalegala (The Bible Rock)

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To the traveler proceeding from Metropolitan Colombo to Kandy, the magnificent spectacle of the rock stands as a colossus dwarfing the surrounding landscape. Batalegala Kanda rising to a height of more than 1688 feet is surrounded by its satellites such as Devanagala Kanda hallowed by the visit of legendary God Alutnuwara deiyo in the north east, Kaithankadagale and Urakanda hillocks and Montane Kanda, Wakirigala Kanda and Uthuwankanda from the north. Image Nature has gifted Batalegala Kanda with the panorama of cascading water-falls, luxuriant meadows and intriguing scenery.

Bathalegala is directly under the World Magnetic Field Line & Lightning has special attraction towards Bathalegala. people say If there is lightning at least two or three will struck Bathalegala. It has a cave on the summit and once “Loku Hamuduruwo” was a victim of a lightning strike and luckily survived. Bathalegala mountain gets rain without rain clouds on top of Bathalegala. It has some kind of attraction towards water. Seems like this rock attracts water from nearby clouds.
*Bernoulli Principle - “For an inviscid flow, an increase in the speed of the fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure or a decrease in the fluid’s potential energy.”

There is a small Sthupa and some caves for the monks on top of the rock. Heard that there was a cable car project from Kadugannawa to Bathalegala. (About 8Km).

We see Bathalegala as a single rock but it is not. I guess its because of the Magnetic Field. The particles of the rock changed eventually because of the magnetic field and the shape of the rock changes, but the stability of the rock changed when the time goes by.” There's a rock named “Idiri Gala” which is apart from Bathalegala. People say that was early a part of Bathalegala (about 50 years ago) & people were able to jump to that rock from Bathalegala.

 The Memorable view from the top of the rock- 

If you are planning to climb Bathalegala better use public transport till Gewilipitiya and there is a bus towards Hatgampala and from there take a 3 wheeler. If your vehicle has good ground clearance you will have the chance getting as near as possible.

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